"Tiaa Hygiene is the the next generation sanitary pad to match
up with today’s bold independent generation of women."

Tiaa bring you extra large pads with advanced gel lock technology.

Gel Lock Technology

Constantly checking your back? Tiaa is here to save you from all your worries. Our gel-lock technology will work over-time so that you can remain spot-free. You do you girl, the rest will be taken care of by Tiaa!

Feather Cotton

Rashes, irritation, and what not! From here on Tiaa is here to put an end to this horror story. With specially sourced cotton from Indian farms, Tiaa is specifically created for our Indian women.

Extra - Large Pads

We believe in a tight extra-large hug for your extra-tuff days. And yes, we will make sure that all women will be able to be a part of this never-ending relationship. Make sure to join this sisterhood!

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About Us

Tiaa Hygiene

Tiaa Hygiene is a brand of Akwin Solutions. Tiaa is the pave an easier and economical way to manage your menstruation. We have designed and developed the next generation sanitary pad to match up with today’s bold independent generation of women. Periods being a taboo in our society since the beginning of time, Tiaa makes it easier for women to discuss about it without shying away. Tiaa comes with premium quality of sanitary napkins with a wide range of sizes for you to pick from. Indulge yourself in the world of hygienic, economical, and mess-free chums.
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    Tiaa is the pioneer in initiating a revolutionary technology by infusing cotton with gel-lock integrant in a sanitary pad. The cotton used by Tiaa is specially sourced from the finest cotton farms in India for you to have an irritation-free period. Tiaa is one of the emerging companies in India that believes in making Indian women strong. Join this movement as we pave the path to a more hygienic and secure way to manage periods.

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